Remove the Website URL from WordPress Comments

Reduce spam from your WordPress website.

What is one of the most annoying things you have to deal with when running a WordPress site? Spam. You put in a lot of hard work on your website and no matter what, spam always appears. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet that will get rid of all of it in one swipe. But there are ways to fight against it and removing the website URL from the WordPress comments section is a good one.


Installing XQuartz on Mountain Lion

What is XQuartz?

Mac OS X uses what is called X11 to run software through the X Window System. It has been around since OS X Leopard. It has a long history of open source support and has been running under the project header, XQuartz. Apple pretty much based their X11 app on this project. When Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) came along, Apple no longer shipped X11 along with it.


How To Install Java on Mac OS X

Install Oracle Java 7 on Mac OS X

Nowadays, just about everything on the web uses Java. At some point or another you will probably need to install Java on Mac OS X to be able to enjoy the Internet, websites and Apps to their fullest. It’s not a hard process, and


Reset the SMC on your Mac

What is the SMC?

It’s an acronym that stands for System Management Controller. It’s only on Intel based Macs and it’s main purpose is to keep your Mac running smoothly and with minimal noise. It controls things like fan speed and power. It is also responsible for controlling lights on the keyboard and detecting ambient light through the webcam.


How To Install XCode on OS X Mountain Lion

What is XCode?

XCode is a suite of tools that is known as an IDE (integrated development environment) and it is used mainly for app development for Mac OSX and iOS. Although it can be used for other development as well. The latest version is XCode 5 is available as a free download on the App Store. This is the version that is used for this tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to install XCode on OS X Mountain Lion along with the XCode Command Line Tools.


Windows Steam on Mac with Wineskin

The Easiest Method, Hands Down

Wine is definitely one of the best ways to run Windows software on a Mac. It has a large following and plenty of support and ways to find what you need and it is constantly being updated. I was actually planning on writing a tutorial on how to install the Windows version of Steam on Mac OS X with a standard Wine installation. Then I discovered that this method was actually easier and it keeps everything self contained within an .app file. So, without any further ado, let’s get started and install Steam on your Mac!!!


How To Prevent My Mac From Sleeping

Keep Your Mac Awake with Caffeine

Have you ever worked on your Mac and the damn thing kept going to sleep on you when you least wanted it to? Then you have wake it up and enter your password….

I feel like this is more of a problem for Macbook users than iMac. Since power management is usually more important for laptops. The system settings are usually set to put the computer to sleep pretty fast so that the battery doesn’t get drained. Desktop users can usually afford longer wait times before the computer goes to sleep. But there are times when you actually need for your computer to stay awake. Either temporarily or for an entire session.


Keep MacBook Pro Awake with Lid Closed

Prevent Your Macbook Pro from sleeping when you close the lid

Let me paint a scenario for you. You use your Macbook Pro for just about everything. Especially for watching movies, TV and videos. Sometimes you would like to watch them on a bigger screen than what your laptop has to offer. That’s easy enough. Macbooks have ports so you can hook it up to an external monitor or a TV. Now you’ve logged into Netflix or have a DVD ripped to your hard drive ready to go. The cable is hooked up, you turn the lights out and sit down to enjoy the movie. But wait, the mood is kind of ruined because of that bright light coming from your Macbook Pro. Sure, you can turn it around to face the wall, maybe hide it behind a chair or even turn the display all the way down. But, you still have to find a place to put it because the of the awkward lid sticking up. What do you do?