Best Screen Capture Tool for Windows 7

For most of us, performing a screen capture just doesn’t happen often enough to justify buying a dedicated application to do so. We usually do a quick search on Google for a free utility and just use it for whatever project is on hand at the time. Then the screen capture tool either gets deleted immediately or we leave it installed until one day we don’t even know what it is or it’s trial is expired. Then the process is repeated until we find another free one. There are tons of screen capture tools out there and they for the most part they do the job and are easy to come by. Sure, some of the paid tools have super cool features and once you see one in action it’s kind of like “I’d like to get it, but damn. $50??”


The Best and Most Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress is an extremely versatile platform that has come a long way from just being “blogging” software. The greatest thing about it is that the user does not need to know how to write any code whatsoever. But, you probably already knew that. Which means you probably already know that simply by installing a plugin, you can increase the functionality of your website or blog. Now, here is what you may not know. The fewer the plugins, the faster your site usually runs.


How To Install WordPress with XAMPP

WordPress and XAMPP on your Windows Computer.

A while back I wrote a tutorial describing how to install and configure MAMP for the Mac computer in order to run WordPress on your computer. This is a great way to develop your website or blog. It allows you to try things out and get your website configured perfectly without running the risk of experimenting on your actual site. Recently I received an email through the Contact page and the reader asked if there was a way to do the same thing on Windows. Windows? As a matter of fact there is.


How To Connect Your Android Phone To Your Computer

Connecting Your Droid to Your Computer with AirDroid

There are two reasons that I absolutely love this app. The first reason is that it provides a simple way for me to transfer pictures and video from my phone to my computer…without data cords. The second reason is that I can text message my friends from my computer. I love multi-tasking and having to stop what I am doing on the computer to pick up my phone and text someone can get annoying. With AirDroid


How To Install Wine on Mac OS X

The Complete Guide A to Z to Install Wine On Mac OS X

Every Mac user I know loves their Mac and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But every now and then, there is a Windows application that they would like to be able to run. Sure there are Mac apps out there that can enable you to run them, like Boot Camp and VMWare, but what if you just want to run a couple apps? Can you really justify buying software for that? I would imagine not, unless you just absolutely can’t do without it. This article


How To Have A Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox

Adding a Second Bookmarks Toolbar


Firefox is definitely a popular web browser on all platforms. It is my browser of choice and has been for a while. It has so many features that really make web browsing so much more enjoyable. But if you’re like most people, eventually your bookmarks can get out of hand. I’m sure that you place your most frequented websites on the bookmarks toolbar for easy access. The problem is that this can get filled up pretty fast. A little more real estate wouldn’t hurt would it?


How To Take A Screenshot on a Droid

Screenshots With Ice Cream Sandwich


So, for most Droid users, taking a screenshot on their phone has not been possible without rooting your Droid. For the average user, this is just not practical, but taking a screenshot is actually a useful feature. Motorola has been rolling out the update for some of its devices and more are on the way. If you have not received your update yet, be patient, it’s coming. The good news is, that taking a screenshot is now an available feature.


How To Find Your IP Address on a Mac

This is a very short tutorial on how to find your IP address on a Mac. If you are looking for a tutorial to do the same thing on a Windows computer, you can find that tutorial here.


This tutorial will only go over using the Network Utility. There are other ways to find your IP Address, such as from a terminal, but for most users this will be the easiest way. If you would like to do it from a terminal the command is “ifconfig” without the quotes.


Your Personal YouTube Library

YouTube is definitely one of the top video websites and it has provided us with some of the best entertainment and information. For some of us it has become a very resourceful site and we depend on it for what we need. Whether it’s comedy, instruction, news or just something to occupy our time while we’re bored. YouTube has a way to bookmark your favorite videos and create your own channels, but you have to be logged in to use these functions. What if I told you that there was an app that let you browse videos, bookmark them and create your own filing system and let you download the videos as well, all from a nice packaged app? Do I have your interest yet? Oh yeah, it’s also a free app. Now do I have your attention?


MacBook Won’t Eject CD or DVD

Stubborn SuperDrives

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I absolutely love the SuperDrive in Macbook Pro. I don’t know why all laptops don’t use a slot loading optical drive. It is definitely better than a tray. Occasionally, the SuperDrive can be a little finicky. One of the things that it has a tendency to do is be greedy with CDs or DVDs. It will hold on to them and will not let you eject them. This can be very frustrating. Especially when you are looking in that tiny slot with a flashlight and wondering how in the world you’re going to get that DVD out of there. Have no fear, there are ways to make that greedy Macbook Pro release your favorite CD or DVD.


How To Reset the Silver Comcast Remote

Reasons for Resetting a Comcast Remote

First of all, resetting your Comcast Remote should really be used as a last resort. You should first try general troubleshooting to see if you can re-program the remote and call Comcast to see if they can help you fix your issue. If you call Comcast and they cannot resolve your issue, they will recommend that you take the remote to your nearest Comcast center and trade it in for a new one. But, I know that finding the time to do this and then standing in line on your lunch break is not your idea of fun. So, you can try to reset the remote first, before you take it back. I mean, what have you got to lose?