Awesome Network Tools

Knowing information about the network you are on is always good to have. There is an abundance of information that you can get, but for the average user most of it is more advanced than they will ever need. The tools described in this article are great for gamers, DIY network admins, techies and for people who are curious or interested in how things work.


Hidden Mac Features

Discovering Mac OS X Secrets

A friend of mine once asked me why I was a fan of the Mac and not PC. In a phrase, my answer was, “because Macs just work.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “I wish it was possible to just _____ on a computer.” The majority of the time I can bring out my Macbook Pro and show them just how easy it is to do so. Or, someone will be watching me over my shoulder and see me perform a function and say “Whoa, how did you do that?” I take great joy in showing them, and then watching them shake their heads or make the statement that they wished their computer would do the same!


Use Your Comcast Remote to Control Netflix on Xbox 360

Making Xbox 360, Netflix and Comcast Play Together

If you have an XBox 360 and Netflix, then more than likely you have activated your Xbox so you can watch Netflix on it. This is just one of the cool features of the XBox 360 and personally I absolutely love it. The problem is that unless you have an XBox wireless remote, you have to use the XBox controller to navigate everything. On top of that, you still need your Comcast remote to adjust the volume of your TV. This is a major inconvenience if all you want to do is pause or rewind a show that you’ve been watching. Especially if you’ve been watching long enough for the XBox controller to power off. So now you have to power it back on before you can pause or rewind Netflix. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could start up Netflix and then use your Comcast remote to navigate all the movies and play functions?


How To Fix Error Code 8003 OS X

My Mac Won’t Empty the Trash

If you are a Mac user then I know you have experienced this. You’ve been deleting files and your Trash Can is showing that there are items in it. You try to empty the trash and all of a sudden an error window appears. It probably looks something like this.


How To Reset a Frozen Droid Razr

My Droid Razr is Frozen!

We have all experienced a frozen smartphone and one time or another. With Android phones the most common solution is to remove and re-insert the battery. This usually clears up any problems that one may have. The problem with the Droid Razr is that the battery cannot be removed. This is the sacrifice we make for an ultra slim phone. But, it doesn’t change the fact that it will occasionally lock up. So how do you resolve this problem? 


Can’t Connect to MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server Won’t Connect

This is just a quick and simple troubleshooting post about MS SQL Servers. There are quite a few issues that can arise when using these servers, but one of the most common that I’ve found is that a user cannot connect to the SQL Server. Especially after a fresh installation. This can be very confusing and frustrating. Your installation went well and without a hitch, but when you try to connect to it, you get an error with the following in the message:


Google Analytics New Realtime Visitor Tracking

New Visitor Tracking Feature for Google Analytics

Recently Google added a new feature to their ever popular Google Analytics service. If you have a website or blog, then you are probably already familiar with this service and are using it to track your visitor stats and other pertinent information. Currently in Beta, the new feature allows you to view your sites’ visitor is real-time. That’s right! You can see how many people are actually on your site at that particular time


How To Avoid Advertising Scams

Bloggers Beware of Advertising Scams!!

I want to take the time to share an experience of mine to help and warn other bloggers and website owners. There are a lot of different reasons that one would start a blog or website, whether it’s for financial or personal motives. Once you start developing a decent amount of traffic you are bound to be contacted about advertising at some point in time. While usually this a good thing, there ARE people and scams out there that you need to be aware of.


How To Find a WordPress Post ID

Help! What is my WordPress Post ID?

Older versions of WordPress used to display the Post ID in the Dashboard. Since then, this feature is no longer available. Why? I have no idea. But fortunately there are a couple of alternate ways to find the Post ID. For the average user of WordPress this number is usually needed for a specific function. For example, there are some themes that have a Featured Slider that requires this number in order to work.


How To Make Custom WordPress Menus

I Want Custom Menus!


So, you’ve just set up your WordPress site and probably have a great theme to go along with it that’s absolutely perfect, almost. It’s hard to find the perfect theme that meets all of our expectations. One of the great things about WordPress is that it can be totally customized. One of the first things that I modify are the menus. A lot of times


MySQL Server Won’t Start with MAMP

Fixing MySQL Server When It Won’t Start with MAMP


For those of you that have installed and use MAMP for development. Sooner or later you are bound to run into an error with MySQL Server.

One day you’ll start up MAMP and the light next to MySQL Server will not turn green, signifying it is ready and online. You’re probably wondering “what is going on?”

Maybe you tried to restart MAMP, but to avail. This is usually due to the fact that there are conflicting instances of a process called “mysqld”. Fortunately there is an easy fix.


How to Install WordPress on Your Mac Using MAMP

Your Very Own Private WordPress Using MAMP


What in the world is MAMP?

MAMP is actually an acronym that stands for MacIntosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP. MAMP is an application that packages all of these components together to make it possible to run WordPress on your computer without the need for a hosting service. Now, as you’ve probably guessed from reading what MAMP stands for, yes, it is for Mac computers only. There are other ways to install WordPress on your machine, but MAMP is by far the easiest solution.