$10 A Month Comcast Internet

Reliable and Affordable Internet from Comcast


I came across this article from PC World today. It describes a $10 a month internet plan for low income families. It is through a new program from Comcast that is called “Internet Essentials”.


How To Maintenance Your Mac with Onyx

Keep Your Mac Running Smoothly with Onyx


Yesterday I posted an article on how to maintenance your Windows computer with a piece of software called CCleaner. If you are interested in that article it can be found here

It came to my attention that there are more and more Mac users out there everyday (which makes me happy…I am a Mac user myself). So I thought it would be a good idea to write a similar article for the Mac. Generally, Macs do not require as much maintenance as Windows computers, but they do get junked up as well and need a good cleaning now and then 🙂


How To Maintain Your Windows Computer

Maintain Your Windows Computer with CCleaner


Everyone hates when their computer slows down. Seems like just the other day it was running fast and smooth. Now for some reason programs load slower and the Internet takes its sweet time loading pages. At first you may think you have a virus, but that can’t be right. You have anti virus software and you always make sure it’s updated. You don’t visit “bad” sites so what could possibly be going on?


How To Test Your Internet Speed

Testing Your Internet Speed with Speedtest.net


Have you ever wondered how fast your Internet connection really is? Are you subscribing to a “high-speed” service and just want to check if you are reaching the advertised speed?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, the good news is that it’s very easy to do so. There is a website that runs a speed test for you and it’s very user friendly. 


Comcast Remote Codes For DVD Players

A list of DVD Player Codes for Comcast Universal Remotes

When I originally started this site, it was to provide a lot of easy tutorials for computers and technology in general. Especially for those who are not very tech savvy. My first article was on how to program a black Comcast remote. I wrote some more articles after that, but it seems that programming Comcast remotes is a popular subject


Comcast Remote Codes for TV

A list of TV Remote Codes for Comcast Remotes (Updated 12-12-14)

This is a list of all the TV codes that will work with the following remotes.

  • Silver Comcast Remote with the Red OK button.
  • Black Comcast Remote that comes with the DTA box.
  • Dark Silver (Platinum) Comcast Remote


It includes the codes for both TVs and LCD TVs. It is a long list and if you cannot find a code that works, and the auto programming method isn’t working, then I would give Comcast a call  and see if they might be able to assist you. I will be posting the codes for Audio Receivers, Cable Boxes, DVD Players, DVD-R Players, DVD/PVR and TV/VCR combinations in the future.


Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Windows Keyboard Shortcuts


I thought I would provide a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to increase speed and productivity. This is just a basic list of shortcuts that I feel are the most used. I will add more along the way. The benefit of using keyboard shortcuts is that it makes you more productive, mainly because you don’t have to switch between the keyboard and mouse constantly.


Fix Internet – Part 1

Basic Internet Troubleshooting


Just today I had to troubleshoot someone’s Internet. Fortunately, I was able to successfully fix it. While, I was doing this, I thought I would post a general guideline to help others troubleshoot their own Internet problems.


How Do I Find My IP Address

For most people, this is not a task that is needed on a daily basis. On occasion though, something will happen to your computer and you will need to talk to the helpdesk and they may request your IP address. Or, you may need it to set up a home network.