How To Find The Comcast Remote Code after Auto Programming

The easiest way to program your Comcast remote to your TV or other electronic devices is by using the auto-programming method. Sometimes this can be a tedious process and requires some patience, but most of the time it works just fine and has you up and running in no time. But what was the code that worked? This tutorial will teach you how to find the Comcast remote code that was discovered during the auto-program method.

Set The Volume Lock on a Comcast Remote

The volume lock on your Comcast remote is a convenient feature to have because it makes adjusting the volume much easier and a lot less confusing. Typically you would have separate volumes for all your devices, such as TV, Cable box and maybe an audio amplifier. The volume lock forces the Comcast remote to always send the code for the device of your choosing. You’ve probably experienced this if you’ve ever tried to turn the volume up but doesn’t seem to get very loud, even at full volume. Then you find out that the volume on your Cable box has been turned all the way down. So you hit the cable button, turn the volume up only to realize that the TV volume is still at full blast….sound familiar? The volume lock on your Comcast remote puts a stop to all of that

Comcast TV Codes for Silver Remote with Grey OK Button

This is a list of TV remote codes for the Comcast silver remote with the grey OK button in the center. Just in case you are wondering what the difference is, this remote uses four-digit codes instead of five like all the others.


If you are looking for codes for the Comcast silver remote with the red OK button, the Comcast dark silver remote, or the black Comcast remote

How To Reset the Silver Comcast Remote

Reasons for Resetting a Comcast Remote

First of all, resetting your Comcast Remote should really be used as a last resort. You should first try general troubleshooting to see if you can re-program the remote and call Comcast to see if they can help you fix your issue. If you call Comcast and they cannot resolve your issue, they will recommend that you take the remote to your nearest Comcast center and trade it in for a new one. But, I know that finding the time to do this and then standing in line on your lunch break is not your idea of fun. So, you can try to reset the remote first, before you take it back. I mean, what have you got to lose?

Use Your Comcast Remote to Control Netflix on Xbox 360

Making Xbox 360, Netflix and Comcast Play Together

If you have an XBox 360 and Netflix, then more than likely you have activated your Xbox so you can watch Netflix on it. This is just one of the cool features of the XBox 360 and personally I absolutely love it. The problem is that unless you have an XBox wireless remote, you have to use the XBox controller to navigate everything. On top of that, you still need your Comcast remote to adjust the volume of your TV. This is a major inconvenience if all you want to do is pause or rewind a show that you’ve been watching. Especially if you’ve been watching long enough for the XBox controller to power off. So now you have to power it back on before you can pause or rewind Netflix. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could start up Netflix and then use your Comcast remote to navigate all the movies and play functions?

$10 A Month Comcast Internet

Reliable and Affordable Internet from Comcast


I came across this article from PC World today. It describes a $10 a month internet plan for low income families. It is through a new program from Comcast that is called “Internet Essentials”.

Comcast Remote Codes For DVD Players

A list of DVD Player Codes for Comcast Universal Remotes

When I originally started this site, it was to provide a lot of easy tutorials for computers and technology in general. Especially for those who are not very tech savvy. My first article was on how to program a black Comcast remote. I wrote some more articles after that, but it seems that programming Comcast remotes is a popular subject