How To Install Unidentified Developer Apps

So, you’ve probably found an awesome app that you want to install on your Mac. But when you try to run it,  you get a message box that pops up saying “can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.” This is a pretty common issue to run into. Fortunately it’s very easy to fix.

Install FontForge on Mac OS X

I was prompted to write this tutorial after being contacted by a reader who had a question. Upon initial searching, I found that there are a bunch of articles and sites you have to wade through in order to install and run FontForge on Mac OS X. So I decided to figure out how to do it the simplest way.

How To Get OneNote for Mac OS X

For the longest time users have been waiting for OneNote for Mac OS X. There are numerous alternatives out there, free and paid versions, and for the most part they work just fine. But….OneNote they are not. Recently Microsoft has finally made OneNote for Mac available! Happy happy, joy joy! 

Installing XQuartz on Mountain Lion

What is XQuartz?

Mac OS X uses what is called X11 to run software through the X Window System. It has been around since OS X Leopard. It has a long history of open source support and has been running under the project header, XQuartz. Apple pretty much based their X11 app on this project. When Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) came along, Apple no longer shipped X11 along with it.

How To Install Java on Mac OS X

Install Oracle Java 7 on Mac OS X

Nowadays, just about everything on the web uses Java. At some point or another you will probably need to install Java on Mac OS X to be able to enjoy the Internet, websites and Apps to their fullest. It’s not a hard process, and

Reset the SMC on your Mac

What is the SMC?

It’s an acronym that stands for System Management Controller. It’s only on Intel based Macs and it’s main purpose is to keep your Mac running smoothly and with minimal noise. It controls things like fan speed and power. It is also responsible for controlling lights on the keyboard and detecting ambient light through the webcam.

How To Install XCode on OS X Mountain Lion

What is XCode?

XCode is a suite of tools that is known as an IDE (integrated development environment) and it is used mainly for app development for Mac OSX and iOS. Although it can be used for other development as well. The latest version is XCode 5 is available as a free download on the App Store. This is the version that is used for this tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to install XCode on OS X Mountain Lion along with the XCode Command Line Tools.