Windows Steam on Mac with Wineskin

The Easiest Method, Hands Down

Wine is definitely one of the best ways to run Windows software on a Mac. It has a large following and plenty of support and ways to find what you need and it is constantly being updated. I was actually planning on writing a tutorial on how to install the Windows version of Steam on Mac OS X with a standard Wine installation. Then I discovered that this method was actually easier and it keeps everything self contained within an .app file. So, without any further ado, let’s get started and install Steam on your Mac!!!

How To Prevent My Mac From Sleeping

Keep Your Mac Awake with Caffeine

Have you ever worked on your Mac and the damn thing kept going to sleep on you when you least wanted it to? Then you have wake it up and enter your password….

I feel like this is more of a problem for Macbook users than iMac. Since power management is usually more important for laptops. The system settings are usually set to put the computer to sleep pretty fast so that the battery doesn’t get drained. Desktop users can usually afford longer wait times before the computer goes to sleep. But there are times when you actually need for your computer to stay awake. Either temporarily or for an entire session.

Keep MacBook Pro Awake with Lid Closed

Prevent Your Macbook Pro from sleeping when you close the lid

Let me paint a scenario for you. You use your Macbook Pro for just about everything. Especially for watching movies, TV and videos. Sometimes you would like to watch them on a bigger screen than what your laptop has to offer. That’s easy enough. Macbooks have ports so you can hook it up to an external monitor or a TV. Now you’ve logged into Netflix or have a DVD ripped to your hard drive ready to go. The cable is hooked up, you turn the lights out and sit down to enjoy the movie. But wait, the mood is kind of ruined because of that bright light coming from your Macbook Pro. Sure, you can turn it around to face the wall, maybe hide it behind a chair or even turn the display all the way down. But, you still have to find a place to put it because the of the awkward lid sticking up. What do you do?

How To Install Wine on Mac OS X

The Complete Guide A to Z to Install Wine On Mac OS X

Every Mac user I know loves their Mac and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But every now and then, there is a Windows application that they would like to be able to run. Sure there are Mac apps out there that can enable you to run them, like Boot Camp and VMWare, but what if you just want to run a couple apps? Can you really justify buying software for that? I would imagine not, unless you just absolutely can’t do without it. This article

How To Find Your IP Address on a Mac

This is a very short tutorial on how to find your IP address on a Mac. If you are looking for a tutorial to do the same thing on a Windows computer, you can find that tutorial here.


This tutorial will only go over using the Network Utility. There are other ways to find your IP Address, such as from a terminal, but for most users this will be the easiest way. If you would like to do it from a terminal the command is “ifconfig” without the quotes.

Your Personal YouTube Library

YouTube is definitely one of the top video websites and it has provided us with some of the best entertainment and information. For some of us it has become a very resourceful site and we depend on it for what we need. Whether it’s comedy, instruction, news or just something to occupy our time while we’re bored. YouTube has a way to bookmark your favorite videos and create your own channels, but you have to be logged in to use these functions. What if I told you that there was an app that let you browse videos, bookmark them and create your own filing system and let you download the videos as well, all from a nice packaged app? Do I have your interest yet? Oh yeah, it’s also a free app. Now do I have your attention?

MacBook Won’t Eject CD or DVD

Stubborn SuperDrives

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I absolutely love the SuperDrive in Macbook Pro. I don’t know why all laptops don’t use a slot loading optical drive. It is definitely better than a tray. Occasionally, the SuperDrive can be a little finicky. One of the things that it has a tendency to do is be greedy with CDs or DVDs. It will hold on to them and will not let you eject them. This can be very frustrating. Especially when you are looking in that tiny slot with a flashlight and wondering how in the world you’re going to get that DVD out of there. Have no fear, there are ways to make that greedy Macbook Pro release your favorite CD or DVD.

Hidden Mac Features

Discovering Mac OS X Secrets

A friend of mine once asked me why I was a fan of the Mac and not PC. In a phrase, my answer was, “because Macs just work.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “I wish it was possible to just _____ on a computer.” The majority of the time I can bring out my Macbook Pro and show them just how easy it is to do so. Or, someone will be watching me over my shoulder and see me perform a function and say “Whoa, how did you do that?” I take great joy in showing them, and then watching them shake their heads or make the statement that they wished their computer would do the same!