How To Fix Error Code 8003 OS X

My Mac Won’t Empty the Trash

If you are a Mac user then I know you have experienced this. You’ve been deleting files and your Trash Can is showing that there are items in it. You try to empty the trash and all of a sudden an error window appears. It probably looks something like this.

MySQL Server Won’t Start with MAMP

Fixing MySQL Server When It Won’t Start with MAMP


For those of you that have installed and use MAMP for development. Sooner or later you are bound to run into an error with MySQL Server.

One day you’ll start up MAMP and the light next to MySQL Server will not turn green, signifying it is ready and online. You’re probably wondering “what is going on?”

Maybe you tried to restart MAMP, but to avail. This is usually due to the fact that there are conflicting instances of a process called “mysqld”. Fortunately there is an easy fix.

What are Disk Permissions?

Mac OS X Disk Permissions Explained


I recently wrote a post about performing maintenance on your Mac and in doing so brought up a subject that some of you may not understand. Disk permissions. So I decided to write a separate article explaining what they are and what they do and how to fix them.

How To Uninstall Programs on a Mac

Uninstalling Programs in Mac OS X


The key to making sure your computer stays running fast is to do maintenance on it regularly. I recently wrote two articles for both the Mac and PC that explained the installation and use of two applications that help you do this very easily. If you are interested in all around maintenance for your Mac you can read how to do so here

This particular article is about another application for the Mac called AppCleaner, which assists you in uninstalling programs completely without leaving junk files behind. There are two types of applications that get installed on a Mac, bundled and non-bundled. Which means there are two types of uninstallations which I am going to go over with you today.

How To Maintenance Your Mac with Onyx

Keep Your Mac Running Smoothly with Onyx


Yesterday I posted an article on how to maintenance your Windows computer with a piece of software called CCleaner. If you are interested in that article it can be found here

It came to my attention that there are more and more Mac users out there everyday (which makes me happy…I am a Mac user myself). So I thought it would be a good idea to write a similar article for the Mac. Generally, Macs do not require as much maintenance as Windows computers, but they do get junked up as well and need a good cleaning now and then 🙂