How To Connect Your Android Phone To Your Computer

Connecting Your Droid to Your Computer with AirDroid

There are two reasons that I absolutely love this app. The first reason is that it provides a simple way for me to transfer pictures and video from my phone to my computer…without data cords. The second reason is that I can text message my friends from my computer. I love multi-tasking and having to stop what I am doing on the computer to pick up my phone and text someone can get annoying. With AirDroid

How To Take A Screenshot on a Droid

Screenshots With Ice Cream Sandwich


So, for most Droid users, taking a screenshot on their phone has not been possible without rooting your Droid. For the average user, this is just not practical, but taking a screenshot is actually a useful feature. Motorola has been rolling out the update for some of its devices and more are on the way. If you have not received your update yet, be patient, it’s coming. The good news is, that taking a screenshot is now an available feature.

How To Reset a Frozen Droid Razr

My Droid Razr is Frozen!

We have all experienced a frozen smartphone and one time or another. With Android phones the most common solution is to remove and re-insert the battery. This usually clears up any problems that one may have. The problem with the Droid Razr is that the battery cannot be removed. This is the sacrifice we make for an ultra slim phone. But, it doesn’t change the fact that it will occasionally lock up. So how do you resolve this problem?