Awesome Network Tools

Knowing information about the network you are on is always good to have. There is an abundance of information that you can get, but for the average user most of it is more advanced than they will ever need. The tools described in this article are great for gamers, DIY network admins, techies and for people who are curious or interested in how things work.

How Do I Find a Good Doctor or Dentist

Finding the Best Doctor, Surgeon or Dentist For You


Doctor, Dentist or Surgeon?????

How do you find a good doctor or dentist? If you’re like most you usually ask a friend or get some type of referral. This has been a tried and true method for finding what you need. Why does this method usually work? Because the referral comes from someone who has been going to a particular doctor or dentist and thinks they have been doing a great job. You probably ask around even more and get a second opinion, and then if the opinions support each other, you make an appointment and go see for yourself. The reason this method works is because the referral usually comes from someone you trust and if more than one person recommends a particular doctor, then more than likely it’s enough to make you believe the reputation is solid.

How To Find The Best Plane Ticket

Finding the Best Airplane Tickets

I’m sure by now that most of you take advantage of the wonderful convenience of buying airline tickets online. There are several methods that most people use, with a couple of the more popular sites being Expedia, Travelocity and While these sites are great for the one stop shop of buying your airline ticket, hotel room and booking rental cars, sometimes you just want to find the cheapest airfare with a no frills approach.