How To Maintenance Your Mac with Onyx

Keep Your Mac Running Smoothly with Onyx


Yesterday I posted an article on how to maintenance your Windows computer with a piece of software called CCleaner. If you are interested in that article it can be found here

It came to my attention that there are more and more Mac users out there everyday (which makes me happy…I am a Mac user myself). So I thought it would be a good idea to write a similar article for the Mac. Generally, Macs do not require as much maintenance as Windows computers, but they do get junked up as well and need a good cleaning now and then 🙂

How To Maintain Your Windows Computer

Maintain Your Windows Computer with CCleaner


Everyone hates when their computer slows down. Seems like just the other day it was running fast and smooth. Now for some reason programs load slower and the Internet takes its sweet time loading pages. At first you may think you have a virus, but that can’t be right. You have anti virus software and you always make sure it’s updated. You don’t visit “bad” sites so what could possibly be going on?