Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Windows Keyboard Shortcuts


I thought I would provide a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to increase speed and productivity. This is just a basic list of shortcuts that I feel are the most used. I will add more along the way. The benefit of using keyboard shortcuts is that it makes you more productive, mainly because you don’t have to switch between the keyboard and mouse constantly.

Fix Internet – Part 1

Basic Internet Troubleshooting


Just today I had to troubleshoot someone’s Internet. Fortunately, I was able to successfully fix it. While, I was doing this, I thought I would post a general guideline to help others troubleshoot their own Internet problems.

How Do I Find My IP Address

For most people, this is not a task that is needed on a daily basis. On occasion though, something will happen to your computer and you will need to talk to the helpdesk and they may request your IP address. Or, you may need it to set up a home network.

Alphabetize Start Menu

Have you installed new programs, but when you go to your Start Menu everything is out of order? This is a common annoyance that everyone experiences. But have no fear, there is an easy solution to get you organized once again. The following instructions are for a Windows XP computer.